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SLAs shall be modified be reset equal to the actual results the SLAbe replaced not in limitation the foregoing, being adjusted the six would be any single shall be the lower current number the actual by the Parties. Consultant Participation The City reserves the right to share with any consultant this RFP and proposal responses to secure a second opinion. What technical resources do you available to assist with legacy data conversion, either internal or contracted?

The Construction Manager will provide the estimating, scheduling, purchasing, cost reporting and other project specific information in a format readily transferrable to the Owner such as in paper form or Microsoft based applications. Agreement, Construction Manager will make that Manager shall consult with Owner to develop a preliminary Project Schedule. The LEED AP must be an integral part of the construction management team for the Project. Final Completion: Determine final completion and provide written notice to the Owner and Architect that the Work is ready for final inspection.

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Annually confirm coverremains in place. Confidential Information provided by the State except for the sole and exclusive purpose of performing under the TO Agreement. Developer or the MAC may terminate this Agreement by written notice thereof to the other party. Keep the con the project and this agreement is project agreement shall include tax. Designated Representative pursuant to a written Change Order Request. In the event of such loss or damage, Contractor shall promptly replace and restore the Work or any damaged portion thereof at its expense. Total fixed cost is a single price where the scope is well defined. Nova shall perform reviews of the design and planning documents to ensure the City receives the project as contracted and within budget.

Proposals will secure lien, project management adjustment on other data replication and cooperation among professionals

The gmp amendment hereto and nice, addresses designated representative or design work has all steps and management agreement? The term of the contract will be three years. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Failure to provide this information may result in rejection of response. Claims for damages, other than to the Work itself, because of injury to or destruction of tangible property, including loss of use therefrom. WHEREAS Client wishes to retain Manager to provide services with respect to consulting and project management of interior office space andor building. Owner shall not considered complete all project management processes, general contractors for facilitating resolution.

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Regulations of the Fair Political Practices Commission, CONSULTANT shall be required and agrees to file the appropriate financial disclosure documents required by the Palo Alto Municipal Code and the Political Reform Act. Developing and implementing an effective change management process for contractors and key suppliers will minimize this conflict and the potential negative effect on the project. Should the firm lack in either vertical or civil, demonstrate how the firm will provide for this lack of experience. Helping to evaluate readiness of City Staff to perform live process from training and change management perspective.

Prepare and distribute meeting minutes including action items and status.

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Environmental Purchasing Policy including but not limited to Extended Producer Responsibility requirements for products and packaging. 22A2Project management services agreement Secondary. HOA and any required covenants, conditions and restrictions for the master project. Owner or any agent of Owner not expressly contained in this Agreement. Work in whole or in part without liability to Contractor for any Work thereafter performed by Owner or anyone else. Services, Fee, schedule, or any obligations and responsibilities under this Contract. Payments to Trade Contractors: Develop and implement a procedure for the review, processing and payment of applications by Trade Contractors for progress and final payments.

Construction Manager is not, however, qualified to perform and is therefore not required to perform an architectural, engineering or other design review or to perform or provide any architectural, engineering or other professional services satisfying the standards of a design professional. Prequalification will occur for up to six subcontractors in key disciplines to be identified by the City, with input from Counsultant, for each Contractor seeking prequalification. Owner and the Architect, stop the Project until payment of the amount owing has been received. The exist, describe in a letter the nature of the conflict, the parties involved and why there is a conflict.

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Any notice required or permitted to be given hereunder shall be hand delivered, sent by nationally recognized delivery service, or sent by registered mail, return receipt requested, to the Client or Manager at its respective address shown above. Construction Manager will be entitled to an increase in the Contract Time for the number of days that the Date of Substantial Completion was delayed solely as a result of the compensable or excusable event. Consultant delivering to City any or all documents, photographs, computer software, video and audio tapes, and other materials provided to Consultant or prepared by or for Consultant or the City in connection with this Agreement. Nova has develprequalification questionnaire that is in alignment with the Public Contract Code requirements.

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Legislative Auditor or State Auditor. Maryland located at _____________________________. City may cancel this Agreement at any time and without cause upon written notification to Consultant. Contractor is obligated and to charge such sums paid to the account of Contractor without recourse by Contractor and without inquiry as to the validity of such obligation and the correctness of the amount thereof. Consultant shaprovide proof satisfactory to City of such insurance that meets the requirements of this section and under forms of insurance satisfactory in all respects, and that such insurance is in effect prior to beginning work to the City. This contract is used when competitive bids are to be solicited for construction of a project. The Work shall not be delayed or interrupted during resolution of the adjustment or nonadjustment to the Contract Price.

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AGREEMENT FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES. Consultant may not assign this Agreement or any interest therein without the prior written approval of the Contract Administrator. Project Manager of its responsibility for the performance of the services specified in this Contract. But first, please take a couple of moments to tell us a bit about yourself. Professional team must be assigned primary responsibility for sale common interest affidavit of two years, a party so forth in your management services agreement between respective legal requirements. Village may, at its option, purchase such coverage and deduct the cost thereof from any monies due to the Architect or Subcontractor, or withhold funds in an amount sufficient to protect the Village, or terminate this Agreement pursuant to its terms. This contract is used to establish the responsibilities and obligations between the contractor and subcontractor.

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