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The module will create the sitemap that can then be automatically submitted to the major search engine, thus giving you more exposure.

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Gives you access to your site settings. The best way to do this would be to make the functionality, implemented through hatched code, into a separate module, and then update the contributed module. Writing and maintaining it via RFDa or Microdata is a pain.

Even though we are creating API First Content Management Systems, it still requires developers to document the data being syndicated, and the developer aggregating this data needs to understand, transform, and consume the data.

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Allows a vocabulary to be searched against for suggestions of terms related to the content of a node.

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For the most curious, here are some sources of additional information that inspired the creation of this article.

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After playing with the schemas, and promptly breaking the code, I found copying the examples out to my own module is a huge help.

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Although this article does not present a full analysis and comparison, we should emphasize that various other formats are also widespread on the Web.

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