Bio Herbicides And Their Application In Agriculture

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Many of the concerns over HRC can best be addressed experimentally by multiyear experiments, but these experiments are costly.

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The research proposed here will evaluate the herbicidal efficacy and phytotoxicity of microbial thaxtomin A when used in combination with other active compounds produced by microbes or derived from plant extracts against the most common rice weeds in the US.

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Also, small amounts of spray drift will cause only cosmetic damage to landscape plants and will not translocate to kill desirable plants. Can be mixed with Huskie, Axiom, Harmony GT, Harmony Extra, dicamba, or bromoxynil. Adjust spray carrier after corn.

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The Technical Committee will be responsible for planning the research project, coordinating the research activities of the participants, developing appropriate research methods and procedures for cooperative field trials, reporting of results, and for reviewing of research progress through annual meetings.

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The wet milling of corn produces corn gluten meal as one of its primary products.

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