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  • Wars have been fought over this matter.
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By this I refer to the doctrines of the inspiration and authority of the Scriptures, the virgin birth, the literal, bodily resurrection of our Lord; the substitutionary atonement, the second coming of Christ, and the doctrine of the trinity.

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In the New Testament we read of the church as the body of Christ Because God became man in Jesus Christ and the church is his body its characteristics.

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NewFaith And Inspiration ComplaintBy contrast, there are numerous examples showing that prayer alone does not save.

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What was proclaimed as the true doctrine back then remains the true doctrine today as well. Hospital Check Invoice How does my nonprofit get started on Mightycause?

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To do something religiously which God has neither commanded nor forbidden is to assume that man is licensed to do anything which God is silent about. New Testament Church of Jesus Christ Pentecostal.

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Well, of one thing all students of the Word of God are sure; that is, that the Church which is the Body of Christ is not a building made of inanimate stones or other inanimate material.

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